The ebb and flow of life, and the seasons, is front and center in our day to day at Elephant Island. It’s a perspective that is equal parts inspiring and overwhelming.

Monday, for us, was a milestone. On Monday, we were awarded certification by Sustainable Winegrowers BC.

It’s difficult to articulate why this checkbox is so meaningful – but it comes down to commitment. By formalizing our responsibilities as land stewards and establishing a framework for measuring and setting goals as a Team, the road beneath us feels stronger, and the direction we are going clearer. We are grateful to Sustainable Winegrowers BC and those who have come before us in creating this important process for our industry.

Here’s to making our farm, our business, our community, and our environment a healthier place.

Sustainable Winegrowers BC, Elephant Island Winery Sustainability Video

Hear Dan chat about one of our core projects last year: eliminating the use of glyphos on the farm.