It’s funny what a difference a day makes. The simple act of flipping the calendar from 31 to 1 has brought for us a flood of hopefulness, of reflection and of gratitude.

Despite the size of our namesake animal, the Elephant Island team is lean. Our core staff of myself (Miranda), Del, Lauren, Alex, and Bea is complimented by essential seasonal staff in Vreni, Jen, Dan and the Tasting Room crew. Prioritizing projects is a reality. In 2022 that meant getting sweaty. And dirty. To make the best wine our land can grow, our focus landed on the farm. On compost, on hand weeding, on cover crops and on sheep!

It also meant that our communication and connectivity to all of you incredible supporters fell short.

In 2023, we are aiming to do a better job of sharing. Sharing the moments, the efforts and the camaraderie that goes into the growing and making of every bottle of Elephant Island Wine.

To that end, we raise a glass of Blanc de Blancs Méthode Traditionnelle Sparkling and say THANK YOU. Thank you for visiting, for buying our wine and for bringing us into your special moments.

Talk soon