Evening on the patio at Elephant Island

Click the pic to watch Donna ride the “Matressocity

Odes to Moms and Meals

I’m lucky to have 2 great ones … my mom Julia and my mother-in-law, Donna. I have a deep respect for the way they have nurtured family relationships. Sunday dinner is one tradition that has come to anchor our family. Through good times and rough seas, a meal together with family, friends and whomever might be in need of nourishment or a few laughs has grounded and filled us. One of my favorite family dinner memories ended with Nana Donna riding the “Matressocity” (Mya and her friend Amy’s creation) down our staircase. In case you’re saying “what?”, I’ve included the video (with Donna’s permission).

So in a toast to the indomitable spirit of Moms and Moms-in-spirit, thank you for being the one we call when the going gets tough.