Woman and dog in the orchard

Spring Wonder

It never fails to amaze me. April in Naramata. It’s the mix of sunshine, hail and rainbows in the same day. The indomitable spirit of spring and life returning: blossoms, green shoots, robins and balsam root on the southern slopes. It’s a season of awe and energy. It makes me wonder.




My friend Nicole (Nichol Vineyard – killer Syrah) and I recently attended a workshop on establishing pollination zones and hedgerows on farms. I’m humbled to realize how much I don’t know. I had no idea the Okanagan was home to more than 40% of Canada’s bee species. And the range of critters (not just bees) that are responsible for pollination: butterflies, moths, beetles, flies, and hummingbirds. From a farm perspective, the benefits of nurturing these zones beyond supporting pollination, are plentiful, including encouraging beneficial insects and birds. Although many of our crops are self-pollinating, we’ve observed that everything thrives with more pollinators around.

And so the wonder becomes alive … this year’s project is to expand pollination zones. If you are curious about pollination zones crack a bottle of Cherry Wine 2023 (lights out one of best vintages ever) and check out the Okanagan Similkameen Stewardship site. It will inspire you.