How do 25 Valentine’s go by so quickly?
Miranda and Del
The first picture was taken in 2003. The winery was a baby and we had only one in the human form. Flash forward to last year. Del and I met 27 years ago at a fundraiser called the 24 hour relay. I like to joke that he was so smitten, that he chased me around the track in work boots. Not the most comfortable running attire. He has another story, but mine is true. Being together for that long in life, and business, has its share of ups and downs, joys and heartbreaks, but thoughtful moments have always helped bridge those gaps. Like it or not, days like Valentine’s give you a chance to be that.

Drinking wine and watching stars.

One of our favourite past times over the last 27 {gasp} years together has been stargazing – stars seem to have a singular ability to inspire awe and question and wonder and wishing – so much good stuff. No big surprise that drinking wine is a wonderful accompaniment. Because it’s pretty rural, Naramata has been a naturally magical place to appreciate the night skies.

In the last few years, as more people and building happen in the Valley, the night sky is a little dimmer. We’ve found a way to bring the brightness back to the stars.

We’ve been working with our friends in our Naramata Slow Community Group to have Naramata designated as a Dark Sky Community. It is staggering what a difference economically and environmentally small changes can make. If you love stargazing and are curious about the importance of the night sky, pour yourself a glass and watch this little video.

For the love of a starry night…and wishing upon a star.