It’s amazing what you find when you dig below the surface. Soil test pits have our jam this month. We’ve learned scads about why things are growing (or not) from these 2-metre-deep pits. But soil science aside, “what lies beneath” leads you to some interesting places.

Soil pits and wine.

They don’t seem immediately connected. But jump in one and you’ll soon become intimate with what the landscape was like when there were dino’s rumbling by. And how far the roots of the plants on top go to find what makes them happy. It was definitely cause for reflection on life, and kind of a beautiful analogy to what is reflected in our wines: life, nature, joys and heartbreaks. It puts in perspective both how short our time on earth is, and simultaneously what opportunity we have to be a positive part of the living environment.

Stay tuned for a deeper read when Scott Smith, our soil scientist, finishes his analysis.

Wishing you guys all a summer filled with moments of joy and wonder.