Record breaking frigid artic air. Not for long, but for long enough to have inflicted record breaking damage to the grape crop throughout the Okanagan.

Results from bud samples in our hardiest varietals (Chardonnay) are showing 75-80% loss. This means extremely limited production of grapes (and grape wine) for 2024. After the 2023 harvest (50% of normal), it stings. The wine business is a start to finish business – we’re farmers, makers and sellers. All parts must work to succeed. 2024 will be another challenging year.

So onward: we reflect and make adaptions. And we are grateful to have you. Your support of BC wine and restaurants is so very appreciated.

… with your people

Love languages for us are most often spoken at long tables, with great friends, incredible food and beautiful wines. If your bucket needs filling (or you’re feeling Valentine’s Day pressure), I highly recommend setting one. Making it simple and making it together is the best.

Here’s a no fail orzo recipe (or use short grain rice for risotto) that I have been loving lately. It truly is a comfort dish. Del makes a mean moose tenderloin steak to go with, or sub another local protein, set the table and your soul will be warmed.