There is something about Thanksgiving dinner. The perfect end to a day of crisp, fresh air and sunshine. The first holiday after school goes back. Warmth, satiation and love.

Elephant Island Winery Thanksgiving receipe recommendation: Nana's Curried Cauliflowers

Often Thanksgiving coincides with harvest for us. That means long tables and big bottles. To feed a crowd a go-to favorite at Elephant Island is Chicken James’ French Roast Chicken with Nana’s Curried Cauliflower. Nana’s curried cauliflower is so good that every last scrap is eaten every year, including the year I dropped one dish on the floor. 5 second rule fully enforced. If you are looking for an alternative to turkey this year, give it a go. And if you’re in Naramata message me for Chicken James’ contact info, as he raises the best chickens.